Welcome to fpw.be. We provide specialized digital marketing services within the online casino sector. Whether you are a new casino site just starting up and wanting to become visible to new customers or an existing provider wanting to boost your online presence, FPW can provide quick, effective and affordable solutions. Our experience working with companies within the online gambling market ensures that we bring first-hand expertise, in-depth knowledge of competition and understanding of the key metrics used within the industry.

Find out more about some of the online marketing services FPW provides.

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Landing Page Conversion

A landing page can be any particular page of your online casino’s website that you want people to visit – or ‘land on’ – via another source. For example, this particular source can be in the form of a pop-up ad, page takeover ad, banner ad, social media page or a basic hyperlink. Essentially, all of the traffic arriving on this page of your website will be coming from another place.  Examples of our work in the highly competitive online gambling sector can be seen at Bonuscasinos.be.  With this particular project, conversions improved dramatically by improving the ‘above the fold’ landing page configuration and by ensuring the site was optimised for mobile.  Please contact us for more examples of our work and the clients we have assisted in the online casino and gambling sector.

Getting a new user to arrive on your site’s landing page is only step one; if they immediately exit, then that’s one potential customer lost. This is where landing page conversion optimization comes in.

Whatever you want to achieve with your landing page (nine times out 10 in the online casino sector, this will be to get a new user to sign up or download a software program), a high conversion rate is key to driving income to your site.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click (PP) advertising is a popular method of generating traffic for both small-scale and major, international online casino operators.

And the reason why PPC is so popular is simple: every click, which you pay for, is a potential lead to a new customer. In contrast, other internet advertising forms, such as paid-up-front-style banners or page takeovers, do not promise any results.

A simple way of integrating PPC advertising into your online casino’s marketing strategy is by using a third party company such as fpw.be to manage the whole process for you. By working with a search engine’s PPC program, we’ll set all the important metrics to optimize the success of the campaign.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be an integral part of any online marketing strategy for companies in both the online and offline casino sector.

SEO is all about improving the visibility of your website in organic (non-paid as opposed to AdWords) search engine results. What this really boils down to is where your site appears on that Google results page when users search for related keywords.

While the end-goal of SEO is very straightforward, actually getting your site to the top of Google’s rankings is a much more difficult process.

Our catch-all SEO service gets to grips with all the important factors including keyword optimization, SEO-friendly content, backlinks, page speed and local schema codes.

Social Media Marketing

The use of social media platforms in your online casino’s overall marketing strategy should never be overlooked. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter, when used properly, can be used as effective tools to promote your brand, build an audience and create additional traffic.

Harnessing the social aspect of social media can also improve customer retention and communication.

The advantages of working with fpw.be – the online casino digital marketing specialists!

  • Excellent background knowledge of local and international online casino markets, particularly in terms of competition within the sector and a clear understanding og Google’s Guidelines to PPC gambling advertising.
  • Understanding of what it takes for an online casino brand to perform well in different international markets
  • Expertise when it comes to SEO performance, web performance and conversion in comparison with competitors’ sites
  • An accurate and effective approach to casino-specific keyword integration
  • Experience in running successful social media campaigns targeting casino players and potential players, with platforms including Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Can run cost-effective marketing solutions through Google using PPC campaigns. This ensures focus on long and short-term campaigns in terms of Return on Investment (ROI) on any advertising funds that are spent by the client.
  • A wide existing network of contacts within the online casino sector including operators, developers and partners.

You can discover more about all of the digital marketing services from www.fpw.be on our separate Services page.